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Despite it's outward appearance, rings the bell as our top pick from the hidden gem category. Although every domain investment can be a gamble, this particular domain comes primed and ready with a monster lead. is owned and developed and boasts approximately 116,000 visits per month with 448 ranked keywords. Additionally, the keyword "equity" is taken in every, single letter, prefix in the .com which lends strength to the popularity of the naming convention. The target acquisition price of should be low, at less than $200 with a target resale price of approximately $1,500 for a flip or a $4,500 dollar price tag for a longer term hold.

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If you've ever spent any time developing SaaS platforms or building your own, you will understand the value of pre-packaged api tools intended for ease of use. Zapier is a prime example of the user demand for services that remove the time and expense of hiring a programmer for tasks related to popular platforms like amazon, mailchimp or google docs. Developed, is a perfect property for developing an affiliate based site or click funnel. Currently there are no backorders on this domain and the competition should remain low. As a "domain for sale" investment, it's unlikely that you will be successful with a quick flip however developed, financial return should be worth your time.

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December 12, 2020 — Cory Lodder