Non-payment and Fraudulent Bidding Policy


Digital Options is committed to the mission of fair auctions and investor practices. In line with our mission, fraudulent bidding practices such as shill bidding, non-payment and fraudulent account creation or bidder collusion is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban. We also will not participate in practices that encourage or reward user behavior of that nature. 

  • Unpaid domain names will be offered to the second highest bidder for the final amount, less one bidding increment. We will not remove all bids from the winning user before the domain is offered to the second highest bidder. This behavior creates an environment that incentivizes users to collude or shill bid on domains with the prospect of gaining a massive discount or deterring other users from bidding.
  • The second highest bidder may decline to pay the price offered for an unpaid domain without penalty unless we have determined that they were a participant in a fraudulent bidding activity.
  • Unverified accounts may be required to make a financial deposit prior to being allowed to participate in auctions or backorder services.
  • Unverified account may be required to submit physical proof of legitimacy including a copy of your driver's license or other acceptable proof of government identification.

Digital Options LLC retains the right to suspend, ban or terminate an account for any reason including but not limited to any reason described in our General Auction Terms of Service. By creating a Digital Options account, you are agreeing to the below terms of service.

General Auction Terms of Service

Digital Options LLC utilizes multiple resources and processes for verifying and validating user bids and retains the right to suspend or terminate a user account for any reason including but not limited to (i) suspicion of fraudulent bidding (ii) non-payment of "won" domains (iii)  suspicion of bidding collusion or shill bidding.

(i) Suspicion of fraudulent bidding - bidding activity including but not limited to:

  • Bidding without a legitimate method of payment
  • Bidding without the intent to complete payment
  • Bidding from an unverified account - Users may be required to submit any or all of the below information to validate legitimacy of their account:
    a) Two step email verification
    b) Submission of a valid driver license or form of government identification
    c) Temporary deposit of funds
    d) Scheduled phone call or verification of residence

(ii) Non-payment of "won" domains - A users account will be permanently banned from using the Digital Options platform for non-payment of domain(s) whether non-payment is deliberate or otherwise.

(iii) Suspicion of bidding collusion or shill bidding - The determination of bidding collusion or shill bidding is entirely at the discretion of Digital Options LLC. Users suspected of stated activity will be permanently banned from the platform and all disputed won domains will be forfeit. Any resulting damages, financial or otherwise, may result in legal action. 

*All actions taken by Digital Options LLC are solely at the discretion of the company and are not limited to the above stated guidelines.

Non payment

Won domains must be paid for within 5 days (120 hours) from the time of the auction closing or capture of a backordered domain. Non payment will result in a permanent ban unless prior arrangements have been made. 


In the event of an unpaid auction, the second highest bidder in the auction will be offered an opportunity to acquire the domain for the total amount equal to one bidding increment less than the winning bid. If the second highest bidder declines, the domain(s) will be repossessed and retained by Digital Options LLC. Sale or use of a repossessed domain name is solely at the discretion of Digital Options LLC.


In the event of an unpaid backorder where no auction bids are placed, the domain will be offered to the second backorder holder based on time of backorder submission.

In the event where a single backorder exists, Digital Options LLC will repossess and maintain ownership of the domain. Sale or use of a repossessed domain name is solely at the discretion of Digital Options LLC.

Shill Bidding or Bidder Collusion

The act of fraudulently or artificially inflating the price of a domain will result in the permanent ban of a user or users account. Determination of violation is solely at the discretion of Digital Options LLC. Any reinstatement of a banned account will be determined after an investigation of the bidding logs, time stamps, IP addresses and any other method of investigation required to determine the result of the ban.

Digital Options LLC is not responsible or required for providing any information in regard to the suspension or ban of a users account. 

Right to Monitor

Digital Options LLC has no obligation to monitor the Services, but reserves the right to do so. Digital Options LLC reserves the right to edit the descriptions and comments on listings. You acknowledge and agree that Digital Options LLC shall have the right to make public and share with third parties certain information in connection with the sale or purchase of domain names on the website, including but not limited to (a) the name of the domain name sold or purchased, (b) the sale or purchase price of the domain name sold or purchased, and (c) information relating to the timing of the sale or purchase.

February 06, 2021 — Cory Lodder
The Domain Life Cycle

The Domain Life Cycle

When does a domain become available for backorder or registration?
January 09, 2021 — Cory Lodder
Digital Options Score

Digital Options Score

"A successful recipe is not only dependent on the ingredients, but the proper measurement  of those ingredients and their contribution to the overall result."



What is the Digital Options Score?

The Digital Options algorithm or Digital Options Score is our pride and joy and the vehicle that sets us apart from the competition. Rather than being a model of valuing a domain's resale price, we focus on the probability of resale. Our goal is to identify domains that will sell. In our opinion, what they sell FOR belongs in the hands of the investor with help from their own expertise, community feedback and the multitude of available domain appraisal tools.

Using appraisal tools can help identify a valuable domain but it can't control the outcome of your financial success. 

Are the domains with a high score more valuable?

Domain resale prices vary and are largely based on negotiation with potential buyers. Additionally, domain resale values can be skewed by investor bias. The Digital Options Score is a measurement of the domains probability of resale.

Inherently, more valuable domains will generally receive a higher score but their appraisal has nothing to do with WHY they received a high score.

What metrics is the Digital Options Score measuring?

Our algorithm measures a multitude of factors that all boil down to one thing; the human element. Our goal is to replicate the human factor involved in investing in quality domains that sell. Through use of machine learning and historical metrics, we aspire to identify the hidden elements behind trends in branding, business naming and potential. We observe several factors such as domain age, recurring registrations, keyword resale value and keyword popularity however, we also employ the use of several other proprietary metrics and calculations as well. A successful recipe is not only dependent on the ingredients, but the measurement behind those ingredients and their contribution to the overall result. 

Digital Options

By maintaining a disciplined system of investing and through use of our algorithm, you will experience more frequent sales, a higher sell through rate and a measurable increase in your portfolio performance.

How to bid on domains in auction

How to bid on domains in auction

Navigating to Digital Options domain auctions

To locate and bid on domains in auction, you will first need to log into your account or create a new account. Once you are logged in, you will have access to all of our user features including pending delete lists and active domain auctions. To locate the domain auctions, simply navigate to "Auctions" on the upper right of your screen and select "All Auctions" from the drop down.

How to place a bid on a domain auction

To place a bid, click in the text box located in the row of the domain you wish to bid on. Enter the numeric value of your bid and click "bid" button. At this point, your bid has been finalized and the current status of the auction will update along with the current bid price.

NOTE: Placing a bid will not automatically increase the current bid to match your submitted bid. Auctions are operated utilizing a proxy system and the current bid will only increase to the amount required to exceed the existing proxy bid. In the event that your bid DOES NOT exceed another users proxy bid, the current price will reflect either your max bid or the next bidding increment. Entering a bid that is more than twice than amount of the current bid will result in a confirmation message requiring you to confirm your bid. This measure is in place in order to prevent a possible issue of a typo or mistake in bid price.


After you've entered your bid, your status column will illuminate with a GREEN winning status or a RED losing status.

Auction Extensions

If a domain receives a bid within the last 5 minutes of the auction, the auction will be extended. Depending on the type of auction, the time left on the domain my fluctuate. Auctions for exclusive inventory or internal backorders will reset the time remaining to 5 minutes if there is a bid placed within the last 5 minutes of the auction.

Type of domain auction

There are three distinct auction types within the Digital Options platform and each has individual nuances and processes.

Standard backorder auctions

Backorders from Digital Options are available through which includes several other partners including and In the event that a domain is backordered on a partner platform, all participants across all platforms have the ability to bid. Bid prices and auction extensions are sourced between all partner platforms. 

HINT: Digital Options users placing bids do not increase the bid at partner platforms if our users are currently winning the auction meaning, your bids will not be shared with users on other platforms. The result is that you will likely win the domain for less than you otherwise would have if you were bidding from an account at a other marketplaces.

Digital Options Internal Backorder Auctions

In the event that multiple backorders for the same domain are placed at Digital Options, the domain will be auctioned off between users of our platform and NOT SHARED across partner networks. In the event backorders are placed at other partner sites, the bids across all platforms ARE shared.

Digital Options Exclusive Domain Auctions

Digital Options periodically offers domains from our portfolio for sale to investors. These auctions are not available on any other partner sites or marketplaces. Our goal is to empower our users with top quality domains for prices far below our competition. The domains selected for auction are selected randomly and without bias or "cherry picking".

Domain Auction Alerts

There are several automated email alerts that may be sent to you via email during the course of an auction. The email address these will be sent to is determined by the email address on file for your account. You may view or update your email address by visiting your Profile page within your account.

Auction ending soon

If an auction you are bidding on or watching is ending within one hour, you will receive an automated alert to your email address outlining the domain, the current bid and the time remaining in the auction.


If you are outbid in auction, you will receive an automated email alert outlining the domain, the current bid and the time remaining in the auction.

Won domain auctions

If you win a domain auction, you will receive an automated alert outlining the domain and the winning bid amount. A link to your payment center will also be included.

Lost domain auctions

If you were not the highest bidder at the end of the auction, you will receive an automated alert notifying you that the auction for the domain you backordered or bid on has ended.

January 09, 2021 — Cory Lodder
About Domain Backorders

About Domain Backorders

What is a domain backorder?

A domain backorder is offered by most registrars as a means of becoming the new owner of domain name after it completes the pending delete process and becomes available for registration. 

How does it work?

By backordering a domain, you are essentially attempting to register it the moment that it drops through a means of high speed, electronic registration before the general public has the opportunity of manually registering it through a registrar/domain registration retailer.

Does backordering a domain guarantee I will be the next owner?

In short, the answer is no. While backordering a domain does give you an advantage over attempting to manually register a domain, it does not guarantee that you will be successful in capturing it. When a domain drops from pending delete, it becomes a metaphoric "jump ball" where multiple registrars and backordering services compete to be the first to acquire the domain. In most instances, retailers may have multiple backorders on the same domain and choose to hold an auction. The domain would then be awarded to the highest bidder.

What is the cost of backordering a domain?

The cost of the backorder depends on the service that you have elected to use however, they generally range between $25 and $80 in the case of common extensions. Digital Options offers domain backorders for $49 with no upfront fee. If we successfully capture your domain, you will be required to pay prior to retaining ownership.

Place a backorder


January 09, 2021 — Cory Lodder