Digital Options Score

"A successful recipe is not only dependent on the ingredients, but the proper measurement  of those ingredients and their contribution to the overall result."



What is the Digital Options Score?

The Digital Options algorithm or Digital Options Score is our pride and joy and the vehicle that sets us apart from the competition. Rather than being a model of valuing a domain's resale price, we focus on the probability of resale. Our goal is to identify domains that will sell. In our opinion, what they sell FOR belongs in the hands of the investor with help from their own expertise, community feedback and the multitude of available domain appraisal tools.

Using appraisal tools can help identify a valuable domain but it can't control the outcome of your financial success. 

Are the domains with a high score more valuable?

Domain resale prices vary and are largely based on negotiation with potential buyers. Additionally, domain resale values can be skewed by investor bias. The Digital Options Score is a measurement of the domains probability of resale.

Inherently, more valuable domains will generally receive a higher score but their appraisal has nothing to do with WHY they received a high score.

What metrics is the Digital Options Score measuring?

Our algorithm measures a multitude of factors that all boil down to one thing; the human element. Our goal is to replicate the human factor involved in investing in quality domains that sell. Through use of machine learning and historical metrics, we aspire to identify the hidden elements behind trends in branding, business naming and potential. We observe several factors such as domain age, recurring registrations, keyword resale value and keyword popularity however, we also employ the use of several other proprietary metrics and calculations as well. A successful recipe is not only dependent on the ingredients, but the measurement behind those ingredients and their contribution to the overall result. 

Digital Options

By maintaining a disciplined system of investing and through use of our algorithm, you will experience more frequent sales, a higher sell through rate and a measurable increase in your portfolio performance.